Principal’s Message

Harekrishna International School Principal

The aim of Hare Krishna International School is to provide the best education to the students. Our primary objective is to develop in the students qualities of integrity, honesty and compassion, to promote a spirit of enquiry, to foster scientific temper within the bonds of humanism, to help the students become a meaningful part of their environment. The pursuit of excellence encouraged at Hare Krishna rests on the positive belief that every man has it in him to produce work and to excel. But the objective should not only be to score the highest marks in exams but to excel in what one does. Excellence is needed not in terms of visible manifestation of the result of one’s efforts but in terms of the extent and quality of one’s efforts. Once the definition of excellence becomes effort focused and not result focused.
it would give rise to higher self confidence and self esteem as one would know it is something entirely in one’s hands and hence fully doable unlike the result focused scenario, where the degree of achievement is decided by others. It’s important to realize that high competitiveness and the ensuing rat race are facts of life. We learn these facts as we grow older. But by pushing children to achieve excellence in terms of competing with others to score the highest marks or top rank in academics or sports, we are creating futile high stress conditions. There are various faculties in every child. Academics, sports, literary, etc. The most important contribution of parents in making their ward’s life meaningful is to help the school identify and nourish that faculty, which is the child’s strength and guide the child in achieving excellence of efforts in that faculty. A child’s education starts from the cradle itself and then continues forever. Education is to equip a child to handle life and not merely to follow instructions in classroom situations. School life is a kaleidoscope of happenings, events, news and achievements. The bonds made in the school, excitement shared, the nervousness and tension, the pride and happiness will be chronicled in the memory, to be fondly remembered once the school days are over. The learning, caring and sharing, whole hearted joyous celebrations of the festivals, solemn ceremonies, sombre report card session brings out the spirit of Hare Krishna that pervades in each one of us. It is truly remarkable how each one of us – teachers, students and parents get bonded together in true Dipsite traditions.

Mrs. Pushp Thakur
( Principal )